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Animal Adoption Network, Inc

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Dog Questionnaire

Please download the questionnaire or copy and paste it into a e-mail. When you are finished answering the questions return it to the e-mail address provided.

click here to download file

 Animal Adoption Network, Inc

Matching the right dog or cat for your family is the right approach to having a lifetime of joy with your new pet. We pride ourselves on making this commitment work for everyone involved. It’s not only best for the adopting family but also for the pets in need of a home. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire and return it to Animal Adoption Network, Inc. E-mail


First name:                                Last name:                                            Date:


City:                                  State:                                 Zip Code:

Home phone:                                                  Cell phone:                           E-mail:

Best time to call:


1) I have owned a dog before: Yes_________ No __________ I currently have dog(s) _________


2) The last time I owed a dog was: Within the past year_________ Past 2 to 5 years__________

5+ year’s _________


3) My dog needs to get along with others: Yes ________ No ________

If yes, please list names, ages, genders, breeds, and if they are spayed/neutered


4) My dog needs to be good with: Children under 8 years ______ Children over 8 years _______

Cats _______ other pets besides cats and dogs _________ Seniors ________


 5) My dog will primarily be: Inside ________ Outside __________


6) How many hours per day will your new dog spend outside: __________


7) My new dog needs to be able to be alone: 2 hours or less ______4 hours or less ______

 4-8 hours ________ 8-10 hours _______ 12+ hours ________


8) When I’m at home I want my dog to be by my side (per day): All of the time _________ some of the time______ little of the time _________


9) When I’m not at home, my dog will spend his/her time: In the garage________ in a crate in the house______  In the yard __________ Loose in the house______ Confined to one room in the house______ Other (please explain)___________________________


10) I want a guard dog: Yes______ No_________


11) I want my dog to hunt or herd with me: Yes__________ No__________


12) I want my dog to be very enthusiastic in the way he/she shows she loves people: Not at all ______

Somewhat __________ Very __________

13) I want my dog to be playful:  Not at all _________ Somewhat __________ Very __________


14) I want my dog to be laid back: Not at all _______ Somewhat __________ Very ___________


15) I am comfortable doing some training with my dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food, and pulling on a leash: No training _____ Some training_______ A lot of training _________


16) I (or my children) want to participate in agility, flyball, or obedience with our dog: Yes _______

No ______


17) I am interested in a dog with special needs (medical or behavioral): Yes ________ No __________


18) It is most important to me that my dog: _______________________________________________